WebGUI Usage

Login Page

When entering the WebGUI URL of the Yarra server, a login screen will appear. To access the WebGUI, enter the username and password from one of the accounts defined in the configuration file.



Screen Layout

After successful login, you will see the main screen with navigation bar on the top, containing different “page items” on the left side and a user menu on the right side. Which page items will be visible in the navigation bar depends on the access level of the current user. For example, the Server Status page will only be visible for users with Level 3. Additional pages will be integrated in future versions of the WebGUI and might not yet be visible in the images shown on this page.

After using the WebGUI, the active session should be terminated by clicking on the user menu (User: admin) and selecting “Logout”.



Page “Server Status”

The Server Status page can be used to monitor and control the server. The current state (down or active) as well as the active task ID is shown on the Status tab. If the server is scheduled for shutdown after the current task, this will be indicated by a label in yellow color.

Using the buttons in the Runtime Control section, the YarraServer can be started or stopped. If Stop is selected and a task is currently running, the server will continue processing the task and shutdown after completion. An immediate shutdown of the server can be triggered using the Kill Task button, which will terminate the current task and restart the server. The terminated task is considered as failed and an error notification will be sent.

Using the Server Log tab, the current and previous activity of the server can by checked. The output of the currently running task can be seen by clicking the tab Task Log.

The server status shown on this page is not updated automatically (to avoid unnecessary server load). Therefore, it is necessary to manually press the Refresh button.


Page “Task Queue”

The Task Queue page can be used to check the status of scheduled tasks. The currently processed task is shown in green color on top, and scheduled tasks are shown in planned processing order below. The color indicates the task priority (orange=Priority, teal=Default, gray=Night).


Failed reconstruction tasks can be seen on the Fail List tab. By clicking on the items, additional task information can be obtained. Users with Level 3 access will be able to restart failed tasks by clicking on the Edit button and selecting Restart.


  • The task queue is not updated automatically (to avoid unnecessary server load). Therefore, it is necessary to manually press the Refresh button.
  • Only up to 100 entries are shown in the Task Queue to reduce data bandwidth


Page “Log Archive”

The page Log Archive can be used view the task logs of previously processed tasks. The log files are listed in chronological order (most recent file shown on top) in the combo box. Only the last 100 files are shown to reduce data bandwidth.