Version History

This page summarizes the main changes that have been implemented for each release of the Yarra components. Archived versions are available for download. Please note that the licensing terms for archived versions are identical to those listed on the download page for the current release.


Yarra Client Package

Version 0.52 - Release Date 18.01.18
  • Support for VE11C, VE11P, and XA10A
  • RDS and ORT: Support for Yarra LogServer
  • RDS: Remote protocol definition
  • RDS: Configurable startup commands for reconnection of network shares
  • RDS: Activity icon top-right on screen
  • RDS: Jittering option for transfer time
  • SAC: Interface for submitting batch jobs
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Version 0.51 - Release Date 14.07.16
  • ORT,SAC: Permit characters in Accession Number
  • Support for QHD displays
  • Bugfixes
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Version 0.50 - Release Date 11.02.16
  • Bugfix for VE11A support (adjustment data was not saved).
  • Added support for VE11B.
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Version 0.49 - Release Date 30.10.15
  • Fixed support for VB19A.
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Version 0.48 - Release Date 11.08.15
  • Added load balancing and task routing mechanism.
  • Separate configuration dialog for ORT client.
  • Updated design.
  • RDS: Added option to recursively create all parent directories of base path.
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Version 0.45 - Release Date 20.06.15
Added support for VB15A and VB13A.

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Version 0.44 - Release Date 12.06.15
Added support for VE11A.
ORT: Displaying more scans in list by default.
ORT and SAC: Changed focus behavior of ACC input fields.

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Version 0.43 - Release Date 27.10.14
ORT: Added context menu to notification control that allows inserting @ character. Added option to define email presets for the notification control (via RDS.ini section [ORT] keys MailPreset1=… MailPreset2=…).

SAC: Bugfix for notifications (notifications were not sent to addresses defined for the mode). Bugfix for automatic selection of reconstruction modes for VD13 files.

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Version 0.42 - Release Date 10.10.14

First public release.

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Yarra Server

Version 0.96 - Release Date 14.07.16
  • Cleaning system log if size gets too large.
  • Changed default value for keeping rawdata to true.
  • Webgui: Task queue now has a tab with completed tasks.
  • Webgui: Server list can be edited using the GUI.
  • Webgui: Optimized display of log files.
  • Webgui: Support forum has been integrated.
  • Bugfixes.

Note: When running on Ubuntu 12.04, it is necessary to upgrade the GCC compiler before this version can be used (as described here).

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Version 0.95 - Release Date 29.01.16
  • WebGUI has been integrated into server package.
  • Upgrade for GCC 4.8 for C++11 support.
  • Added installation mechanism for modules.
  • Added server upgrade mechanism through WebGUI.
  • Added macro for user installation path.
  • Bugfixes.

Note: When running on Ubuntu 12.04, it is necessary to upgrade the GCC compiler before this version can be used (as described here).

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Version 0.91 - Release Date 24.11.15
  • Supports chain of (up to 20) transfer modules instead of only single transfer module.
  • Integrated additional mechanisms to detect malfunctioning modules (output timeout, max output lines, …).
  • Added macro for Matlab installation path.
  • Minor bugfixes.
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Version 0.8 - Release Date 12.06.15
Added support macro for calling Matlab programs as Yarra modules.
Multiple minor improvements and bugfixes.

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Version 0.61 - Release Date 27.10.14
Integrated mechanism to preserve the active task if the server is powered off during a reconstruction. The task will be moved to the fail directory, an error notification will be sent, and the work directory will be cleared for the next task.

Extended the IniPatch module such that additional keys can be overwritten with fixed values that are defined in the .mode file.

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Version 0.5 - Release Date 10.10.14
First public release.

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Yarra WebGUI

Note: Starting with YarraServer version 0.95, the WebGUI is now part of the server package.

Version 0.17 - Release Date 24.11.15
  • Added macro for Matlab installation path.
  • Removed obsolete ServerType definition.
  • Minor UI changes.

Please replace all files when upgrading from prior versions. Some support files have changed.

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Version 0.16 - Release Date 20.07.15
Static linking of required libraries.
Minor improvements.

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Version 0.15 - Release Date 12.06.15
Various small bugfixes.

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Version 0.13 - Release Date 27.10.14
  • Added configuration page that provides most functions for maintaining the server.
  • Added new mechanism to automatically generate the mode-list file YarraModes.cfg from the .mode files. Using this mechanism, all information about reconstruction modes (server- and client-side) are now contained in one file. It also provides a simple mechanism to resort and temporarily disable reconstruction modes.
  • Added button to the log page to delete log files older than 14 days.

Note: If you update from a previous version, make sure to not only exchange the binary file YarraWebGUI but also the file yarra.css in the subdirectory webgui/html/style.

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Version 0.11 - Release Date 16.10.14

Added missing functions for viewing and editing submitted reconstruction tasks.

Note: It is important to update your SAMBA configuration. The two entries “force user = yarraserver” and “force group = yarra” need to be added to the file /etc/samba/smb.conf, as described on the Server Installation page.

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Version 0.1a - Release Date 10.10.14
First public release.

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Yarra Link DLL Package

Version 0.11 - Release Date 11.02.16
Updated to ORT client version 0.23.

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Version 0.1 - Release Date 09.09.15
First public release.

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