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You have reached our old website, which is not being updated anymore.

Please go to our new website at for up-to-date information on the Yarra Framework.


Support for XA10A
The Yarra client package does now support the software version XA10A (for the MAGNETOM Vida). To use Yarra under this software version, it is necessary to install the code-signing certificate. Please contact us to obtain the certificate file.
New Server Version 0.95+
Starting with YarraServer version 0.95, the WebGUI is now part of the server package and is not distributed separately anymore. You can still find the previous binary packages in the Version History. YarraServer 0.95 (and higher) requires the GCC 4.8 runtime libraries. If your server is running on Ubuntu 12.04, it is necessary to upgrade the GCC compiler, as described here.
Active Development Phase
Please note that Yarra is still under active development. The packages provided here are an early development release and many functions are still missing. Please use with caution.


License Information

The Yarra framework is provided free of charge for use in research applications. It must not be used for diagnostic applications. The author takes no responsibility of any kind for the accuracy or integrity of the created data sets. No data created using the framework should be used to make diagnostic decisions. The source code is provided under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The Yarra framework, including all of its software components, comes without any warranties. Operation of the software is solely on the user’s own risk. The author takes no responsibility for damage or misfunction of any kind caused by the software, including permanent damages to MR systems, temporary unavailability of MR systems, and loss or corruption of research or patient data. This applies to all software components included in the Yarra software package.


Binary Packages

Binary packages can be downloaded here for end users. The server packages are intended to run on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS 64bit (see the installation pages). The client package is intended to run on Siemens MAGNETOM MR systems (RDS and ORT client) or on stand-alone Windows systems (SAC only). It is recommended to use Windows 7.

Currently, the following versions of the Siemens MR software are supported by the Yarra Client: VB13A, VB15A, VB17A, VB19A, VB18P, VB20P, VD11A, VD11D, VD13A, VD13C, VD13D, VE11A, VE11B, VE11C. The client will not work with any other versions.

For release information and the change log, please take a look at the Version History.

Yarra Client Package Version 0.53
Yarra Server Version 0.97
Yarra Link DLL Package Version 0.11
Yarra Archive Search Version 0.13
Yarra LogServer 0.8


Sourcecode Access

Source code for Yarra components can be accessed via repositories stored at Please click the buttons below to be redirected to the corresponding project page at The source code is provided under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Yarra Client Page on Bitbucket
Yarra Server Page on Bitbucket
Yarra WebGUI Page on Bitbucket
Yarra Link Page on Bitbucket
YAS Page on Bitbucket
Yarra LogServer Page on Bitbucket