31 Jan

Running Yarra on Ubuntu 16.04

Running Yarra under Ubuntu 16.04 seems possible, but requires binaries that have been built under Ubuntu 16.04. We will release a separate build of the Yarra Server package for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS once we have completed further testing. Due to the change of the init system in Ubuntu 16.04 to systemd, a few changes in the configuration are needed.


Service Files

The .conf files for starting YarraServer and the WebGUI have to be replaced with .service files for systemd. These files come with the Yarra Server package and have to be copied into the folder /etc/systemd/system. After copying the files, the services have to be enabled with the following commands (otherwise the services won’t start automatically after a reboot):


Sudoers File

With systemd, service are started/stopped with the following commands (instead of sudo start yarra):

In order for the WebGUI process to execute these commands when running under the user yarraserver, the sudoers file has to be edited with

and the following lines have to be added:

Finally, the command mentioned in the installation tutorial for restarting the samba server won’t work anymore and following command has to be used instead:


23 Jan

New Support Forum

We replaced the old Yarra support forum with a Gitter community, which will make it easier for us to provide support. You can either login using your Github or Twitter account. Once registered, it will allow you to get in direct contact with the Yarra development team and user base.

18 Jan

Yarra Client 0.52 Released

A new version of the Yarra Client package has been released (version 0.52). This release adds support for the software versions VE11C, VE11P, and XA10A. It also includes many new features, such as network-based central definition of the protocols for RDS, support of the Yarra LogServer, configurable startup commands (e.g., to automatically reconnect network shares during startup on VE11C), and a notification icon for the RDS client. The SAC furthermore has been extended to provide batch processing functionality.

Note: To use the client on XA10A, it is necessary to install a certificate on the scanner. Please contact us to obtain the certificate.

14 Jul

Updates for Client and Server

New versions of the Yarra Client (0.51) and YarraServer (0.96) have been released, which provide minor improvements and bugfixes. As one improvement, the Task Queue in the WebGUI now has a tab that shows completed tasks. This can be used to re-process tasks from the WebGUI using different reconstruction parameters and can be handy during the development of reconstruction modules. The updates can be downloaded on the Download page.

13 May

Update for Yarra Archive Search

A new version of Yarra Archive Search is available (version 0.13). The following changes have been made:

  • The acquisition date is shown in a format that makes it easier to sort scans by date
  • The total number of entries found is shown in a tooltip when hovering over the table
  • The columns automatically expand to cover the full width of the table


11 Feb

Updated Yarra Client Version

A new version of the Yarra client has been released (version 0.50), which adds support for VE11B and fixes a bug when using VE11A (adjustments scans were not saved). The new version can be downloaded here.

05 Feb

Yarra Archive Search (YAS) Released

A new tool called Yarra Archive Search (YAS) has been released, which provides a simple solution for cataloging raw-data (TWIX) files and searching in the database by information such as patient name, protocol type, or exam date. YAS can be used in combination with a Yarra server but also completely independently. Search requests are submitted via a web-based interface. Take a look at this page to learn more about YAS.

04 Feb

YarraServer 0.95 Has Been Released

The new version 0.95 of the YarraServer package has been released. The new version now includes the WebGUI, which is not released as a separate package anymore. The WebGUI has been extended with a packaging system for easily installing and upgrading Yarra modules, as well as a simple mechanism for installing server updates. When upgrading or installing the new version on a server running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, it is required to update the GCC compiler and runtime libraries, as described here.

17 Jan

Major Update Coming Soon

The next bigger update for YarraServer is currently being tested and will be released in the next few days.

Features that are coming with the update include:

  • Packaging system for modules, enabling custom modules to be installed, updated, and removed conveniently through the WebGUI
  • Easy-to-use update mechanism for the server core
  • Multiple transfer modules can be executed
  • Macro for executing Matlab
  • Bugfixes

Starting with the next version, the WebGUI will be distributed together with the server component and will not be available anymore as separate package. In addition, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS will become the standard platform. YarraServer will still run on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, but it will be required to install an update of the GNU C++ compiler.