31 Jan

Running Yarra on Ubuntu 16.04

Running Yarra under Ubuntu 16.04 seems possible, but requires binaries that have been built under Ubuntu 16.04. We will release a separate build of the Yarra Server package for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS once we have completed further testing. Due to the change of the init system in Ubuntu 16.04 to systemd, a few changes in the configuration are needed.


Service Files

The .conf files for starting YarraServer and the WebGUI have to be replaced with .service files for systemd. These files come with the Yarra Server package and have to be copied into the folder /etc/systemd/system. After copying the files, the services have to be enabled with the following commands (otherwise the services won’t start automatically after a reboot):


Sudoers File

With systemd, service are started/stopped with the following commands (instead of sudo start yarra):

In order for the WebGUI process to execute these commands when running under the user yarraserver, the sudoers file has to be edited with

and the following lines have to be added:

Finally, the command mentioned in the installation tutorial for restarting the samba server won’t work anymore and following command has to be used instead: