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What is the Yarra framework?

Many new developments in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) involve highly computationally demanding data reconstruction and processing techniques, such as compressed-sensing (CS) or model-based reconstructions. In many cases, the computational demand of these techniques is so high that they cannot be implemented on the integrated hardware of current clinical MRI systems, as the calculation time would lead to blockage of the system for an unacceptable long duration. Therefore, reconstructions of this type can currently only be performed when running the calculations on external computers (offline reconstruction). However, exporting the acquired data manually from the MRI systems and transferring it to an external computer is cumbersome and makes it difficult to evaluate the techniques in clinical routine applications.

Yarra is a simple and open software framework for Siemens MRI systems to solve this problem. It provides a user-friendly client software that automatizes the transfer of the data to the external reconstruction server, where the submitted reconstruction tasks are queued and processed by the YarraServer software. Reconstruction techniques can be implemented as processing modules using various programming languages, including C++ or Matlab. Reconstructed images can either be sent to a PACS server or stored as DICOM files on a network drive.

  • Easy to use for end users with minimum required user interaction
  • Based solely on open-source components and free to use
  • Highly extendable and flexible
  • Simple integration of custom-developed reconstruction methods
  • No requirement of a specific programming language
  • Notification system and web frontend to monitor tasks

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